Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy spent 20 years in a spiritual community (ashram) in India before coming to the USA in 1964.  A renowned spiritual leader and meditation teacher, Sri Chinmoy dedicated his life to promoting peace and harmony in the world through his public meditations, lectures and concerts.  He led the Peace Meditation at the United Nations in New York for 37 years as well as creating many other initiatives for world harmony through art, literature and sports.

As is the custom in India, Sri Chinmoy offered his spiritual guidance, lectures and concerts free of charge in the belief that peace is everyone’s birthright.  Sri Chinmoy Centres continue that tradition today, offering free meditation classes and concerts to sincere peace-seekers in cities around the world.  Sri Chinmoy’s practical philosophy and teachings help us to bring the benefits of our meditation practice into our daily lives.

Sri Chinmoy did not seek to establish a religion, rather his wish was to encourage us to find the peace, joy and love deep within our hearts by meditating on the heart centre.  ‘The heart is strikingly significant because inside it is the living presence of the soul. True, the consciousness of the soul permeates the entire body, but the actual location of the soul is inside the heart. The soul has everything: Peace, Light and Bliss in infinite measure,’ Sri Chinmoy writes.  So by learning to meditate on the heart centre, we gain access to these inner treasures:  ‘The heart is all love’ and ‘the path of the heart leads us faster towards our goal’.

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