Meditations on the go


If you so choose, you can rest your mind in stillness even on the busiest days. Every day, we find ourselves with free minutes, waiting. We wait in lines, in traffic, at the dentist. We often fill this time texting or day-dreaming. Instead, with intention, you can transform these moments into stillness, equipoise and relaxation, enjoying the qualities of a meditator’s mind.


Stand firmly on your feet allowing the weight of your body to drop down into the ground.  If you are sitting, allow the weight to drop down through the hips so you are fully supported by the chair.  Allow the tension in your shoulders and upper body to release, now that you are feeling supported from below.  Stand or sit tall, staying upright without being rigid.  Now follow your breath.  Try not to change your breathing, simply let the breath flow freely.  If you try to breathe deeply, this may lead to tension.  Instead, accept however the breath is, gradually slowing the breath down if this feels comfortable.


Be fully present where you are now.  Tune into sensations in your body, feel your breath, fell your heart beat.  Relax.   Drop your shoulders, lengthen your spine.  If your mind is churning with thoughts and ideas, you can use the senses to bring yourself into the moment.  Notice what you are seeing, hearing, feeling.  If you are with someone, give them your full attention, listen to them and accept them.  When you speak to them, feel as though you are sharing your life-breath with them,  creating oneness and harmony between you.


Whatever you are doing, you can take brief moments to relax your body and mind.  Scan your body and notice any areas that feel tight or heavy.  Soften and relax these areas gradually, one by one, taking you attention to one area, then the next and so on.  Cultivate an alert but relaxed attention as you take a mental tour of the body.  Accept what you find, be friendly towards yourself.  This mental scanning of the body is another way of training the mind to go where you want it to go, with the added benefit of relaxation.

Heart Poise

The spiritual heart centre or heart chakra is located right in the middle of the chest.  Bringing your attention to this place in the body is one of the easiest and quickest ways to still the mind and enter into a meditative state.  You don’t have to be in a temple, you can rest your awareness in the heart space anytime, anywhere.  Follow the rise and fall of the breath at the centre of the chest.  When the mind wanders, simply bring your attention back to the breath flowing gently at the heart space.  Notice any sensations there.  Tuning into the rhythm of the heart-beat will also help to keep your awareness in this special place in the body.  When we learn to live from the heart, we can feel peace and poise at every moment.