What is meditation?


In meditation, we aim to quieten the mind so that we can experience our true nature, which is divine.  When we cease to identify with our thoughts, then heart, mind and body unify.  We feel harmony within ourselves and with the world around us.  Meditation changes everything for the better.  With a little time, patience and practice, you can see how this comes true in your life.

Meditation is the ancient art of being present.  Here is the place and now is the time to enjoy each moment as it unfolds.  When we let go of worries about past and future, we can live consciously, mindfully.  Meditation is neither complicated nor difficult.  Most of us have experienced moments of meditation in our lives – when we are struck by a beautiful sunset, when we listen to music which touches us, when we are immersed in our favourite activity – we enter the ‘zone’.  The conscious practice of meditation simply requires some discipline and commitment, like any new skill.

At first, we must learn to control the mind and concentration exercises teach us to do this.  We train the mind to stay focussed on a particular object: it could be the breath, a candle, a mantra or an inspiring word like ‘peace’.  In this way, we gain some mastery over the constant flow of thoughts.  When the mind becomes quiet, we can then experience the restful spaciousness of a meditative state.

If you so choose, you can rest your mind in stillness even on the busiest days.  Every day, we find ourselves with free minutes, waiting.  We wait in lines, in traffic, at the dentist.  We often fill this time texting or day-dreaming.  Instead, with intention, you can transform these moments into stillness, equipoise and relaxation, enjoying the qualities of a meditator’s mind.  So if you’re not too busy, check out our tips for meditation on the go…